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Feb 27, 2014 2:00am PST
that the national security agency collected on millions of americans. those records are supposed to be destroyed after five years, but the justice department says they need to be preserved. why? because of civil lawsuits over the surveillance program. the information could end up as evidence at a trial. the court is expected to approve this request, but it might want the nsa to agree not to access the material for intelligence-gathering. >>> this morning, new word about the possible consequences between the deep freeze and u.s./afghan relations. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff telling the "associated press" what could happen if afghanistan doesn't sign a security pact with the u.s. army general martin dempsey says it's hurting the morale of afghan soldiers, and he's afraid some could end up siding with the taliban. president hamid karzai has refused to sign the agreement. president obama wants the pentagon to speed up plans to pull all the u.s. troops, but he's hoping karzai's replacement will sign the pact. the election is this spring. a very tense situation between these two countrie
Feb 26, 2014 11:00pm PST
: that's right. the national security agency. the federal government has been spying on people using angry birds and other popular games according to materials leaked by edward snowden. to protect yourself the software is only the beginning. the experts advise you to do what miss teen usa is now doing. get a sticker or card to physically cover up your webcam when you're no longer using it. joe vazquez, kpix5. >>> you want to get rid of your junk mail? here's how. the u.s. postal service delivers more than 262 million pieces of direct mail or junk mail daily and according to the epa half of all advertising mail is tossed in the trash. you can easily o. out using sites like dma, >> marketers and fundraisers don't want to send a marketing or fundraising offer to a consumer that doesn't want to receive that. >> they tell us there's another option, a free app called paper karma. you simply take a puckett of the mail with your name -- picture of the mail with your name and address and the app contacts the company to unsubscribe you. >>> we've got a good amount of rain today. we
Feb 27, 2014 3:00am PST
the presence of security law enforcement for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed at the march meeting. for muslims voted for the rule this
Feb 27, 2014 3:30am PST
of parliament the prime minister the presence of security law enforcement for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed at the march meeting. for muslims voted for the rule this show. information technologies are now also working in the modern way once again i want to say that in a tolerant and trust of our people are very important for us whatever we do whatever we see in any case to stability in the country. the quality of all people and no infringe the rights of people of any religions race language or nationality should be the main focus of our activities. these are the base of everything i strictly controlling any shock and told to dust we will overcome any difficulties we experience the collapse of the soviet union. we were in such a condition as ukraine has now quit and think others without wages and without pensions. i spoke to people and we came out of the situation according to the president today context and like any other state should be especially careful and vigilant in the recent ankle widespread concern is no exce
Feb 27, 2014 6:30am PST
to present a security bond for strength for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed in a large meeting. for muslims voted for. when will i took
Feb 27, 2014 6:00pm EST
at it here at there may -- it. targetingbe individuals associated with national security activities. >> do you see any problem with the practice as outlined in the "guardian" article? agencies wille look at the modern communication medium of the day, just like back before there was an nsa, there was national intelligence collection capability. they looked at telegraphs or telephones. in world war ii they looked at high frequency radio transmissions to track what the axis powers were doing. the intelligence communities have a mission to look at modern communications to keep us safe. surgein iraq during the and i led the intelligence element, and we were able to take the ied attacks in our area based onrom 150 to 5 our intelligence collection date abilities -- data abilities. it helps control the bad people out there. >> yahoo! does disagree with saying this report represents a whole new violation of our users' privacy. we strongly call on the world's governments. think of what bob is saying? >> i don't think there's any disagreement that intelligence communities need the ability to capture
Feb 27, 2014 10:30am PST
and for political asylum has been drawn to him by russia. season eight am to secure the nation sunday from kiev and thank you very much indeed for that excite underwood the country mall while i can add on as an adventure touring for the council president to speak not according to an onshore nations x button on the back. while technically still the housing rights as the president of the ukraine after being driven out by this switch in kiev. and he's released a rather powerful state. we have seen a complete deterioration of the situation i type this which has shown that people really have no power to control what is going on and certainly not in the entirety of the ukraine was an even more locally the ultra nationalist markets which which. the cynically you may be an attempt to ride the tiger of their violence into power. we're now in control of the streets so which i guess at this point my spiel he has no alternative except to try to restore order to the country lines of ultra nationalistic anti seem to trouble in ukraine south now with the forefront on grass now and the capital of the atonement
Feb 27, 2014 10:00am EST
to national security. and as well we need to have the flexibility to the secretary of homeland security to make those decisions. 2804 was created under the guise of increasing agency transparency. i would offer to say that there are instance when is all of us know that our security is crucial. mr. chairman, i ask that my colleagues support this exemption for homeland security to protect america's homeland and national security. with that i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves her time. for what purpose does the gentleman from virginia seek recognition? mr. goodlatte: i rise in opposition to the amendment. the amendment seeks to shield the department of homeland security, a department in need of good government reform, from all of the government rule making reforms in this bill. we should not do that. the bill does not threaten needed regulation in the department of homeland security's jurisdiction, but simply assures the d.h.s. will avoid unnecessary regulation, issue smarter, less costly regulation when necessary, and not enter into sweetheart backroom deal
Feb 27, 2014 8:00am EST
that the folks watching at home understand the department of homeland security brought 22 agencies together or subagent says under -- subagent says under one umbrella and trying to make sure that all of those operate in a very cohesive fashion. so i pulley understand the challenge finish can fully understand the challenge, and i just want to go on the record for that. want to shift gears and talk about something that's on my mind regularly as we talk about immigration reform. because the numbers that were used today roughly 11.5 million, say 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states, roughly 40-49% of those didn't just violate our sovereignty by crossing a border, southern or northern doesn't matter, they actually violated the national trust that we've placed in them, because we gave them a permission slip to come here known as a visa. they had an interview at a consulate or embassy, we have a correct spelling of their name, we've got a picture, probably a fingerprint. we know where they were going in most instances, coming to work or going to school. i get that, that they can trav
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)